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Be a biker with your own attitude with UltraPatches At UltraPatches we customize your patches to your needs. We give your rider club an identity to roll with pride. Our patches drip with attitude when worn by riders, clubs, and are worn on tours and by fans worldwide. Free Sample With Every Order

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Having a motorcycle with a unique patch for it is a great way to distinguish the rider and the bike from the crowd. Are you a weekend warrior or you just love to ride? Whichever side you belong to, patches are a great way to show off your prowess both on and off the road. When it comes to making quality patches for your motorcycle, UltraPatches is your final, hassle free, producer for biker patches of all kinds. Want to make your motorcycle stand out from the crowd? You won’t go wrong with

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Embroidered Motorcycle Patches

Are you a biker looking to add essence to your jacket? You definitely have come to the right place. The embroidered patches speak of roots, connectivity, and attitude, an honor that bikers are proud of. Majority of the time, these patches have a significant meaning and are "earned" instead of being just handed out. Many bikers also add embroidered rally patches to their jackets to commemorate their participation in rallies. These embroidered patches come with plastic backings to last a long time. The machine sewing also helps prevent the patch from becoming frayed or the thread from unraveling to last longer.

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Woven Motorcycle Patches

If you are a biker looking for high definition and finesse, then you should be opting for woven patches. The woven patches are created in unison of multiple threads coming together to formulate a significant symbol or design. So if you are looking for that neatly crafted patch of 1% biker patch, then it's the woven patch you should be going for.

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PVC/Rubber Motorcycle Patches

The PVC patches have a class of their own! They are durable and timeless and, best of all, come in all colours, shapes, and sizes. These patches do not wear and can be made with any colour scheme. The 2D or 3D printing allows for intricate detailing without any limitations to shapes and designs. The best part about our patches is you can rest assured that they are environmentally friendly. So next time when you are eyeing that detailed design as your patch, you can give your wishful thinking a shape of reality with our PVC patches.

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Chenille Motorcycle Patches

Looking for the perfect embellishment for your biker jacket? An alphabet or group of alphabets to signify your belonging? Well, chenille patches are the best option. Glossy threads and perfect lettering are what chenille patches the ideal option. They are generally used by bikers to showcase their clubs and groups. They are placed on the backs and sleeves of the jackets. Despite the classiness that these chenille patches have, there is a specific limitation to the colour shades and designs. Their refined and distinguished style has helped them evolve with time.

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Leather Motorcycle Patches

Leather patches speak of nothing but regalness and premium quality. So if you are biker looking to add some ritzy exclusive touch to your jacket, gloves, or cap, then this is the right place. These leather patches come in backings that can be either stitched or machine embossed. The leather patches are available in all shapes and sizes. Be it a rectangular, circular or square leather patch rest assured we have got you covered.

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Printed Motorcycle Patches

You know what's better than showing off your biking skills? Patch it! Yes, with these printed patches, you have no limitations and no boundaries, be it any text, image or even a figure. Yes, you can whoop with glee, as you can get all kinds of portraits also made into patches. So it can be funny, memorial or even a tribute. Let your imagination run wild with these printed patches.

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